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The Node4 Green Initiative

Staying ahead of the Data Centre efficiency curve

We believe it is our duty to do all we can to try and reverse the effect our business is having on the environment. In order to do this we participate in initiatives such as carbon offsetting alongside implementing the latest technologies to increase power efficiency. This will reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrates our commitment to making a contribution towards the larger picture of protecting the environment.

By working with us, your company will also be closer to becoming carbon neutral.

logotree100Carbon Offsetting

We have a commitment to plant 100 trees each year through Carbon Managers and have done so since 2009.

Carbon Managers partner with a range of businesses to plant trees on their behalf in order to off-set carbon emissions. They are currently planting trees in the Alladale reserve in the highlands of Scotland. By contributing to this scheme we are helping to restore the area to its natural beauty by returning the ancient Scottish woodlands to their former glory. A Number of research projects and even species re-introduction programmes have been implemented in the area, all of which have benefited from the additional trees.

Our commitment to the Trees 4 Business Campaign is published in a public register which can be viewed here.

Our green initiatives don’t just stop at planting trees; whenever we build a new Data Centre we make sure we are installing only the most energy efficient technologies.


Energy Efficiency

Our Airdale water cooled chillers, for example, typically save 35% of the energy used by a conventional air-cooled liquid chiller. These water cooled chillers use a free-cooling cycle to reduce the need for mechanical cooling, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of each air con unit.

By delivering energy efficiency of up to 98%, the 80-NET UPS system helps us to reduce operating costs over the life of the UPS system. In addition, the unique UPS system topology proposed by Chloride’s system designers not only helps the environment but also leads to significant energy savings, which we can pass on to our customers.

A tree 100 company

A tree 100 company

Corporate recycling

Corporate recycling

Carbon conscious company

Carbon conscious company

Carbon managers

Carbon managers


Due to the nature of our business we receive a large amount of packaging on products that are delivered each week. We provide a cardboard recycling service not only for our own use but also for the use of customers whilst onsite.

e.on Levy Exempt Energy

We have taken an active decision as a business to only purchase electricity generated from renewable sources.






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