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Cost-effective voice services

Traditional phone lines like ISDN are costly and limiting with regards to call capacity and geography. SIP trunking is the replacement for a more flexible, robust and cost-effective method of managing the vital component of voice communications in your business. Typically eliminating internal call cost and dramatically reducing external cost, SIP technology will seriously cut your annual communication expenditure.

SIP technology gives business the flexibility of quickly scaling communications during seasonal variances and the ability to have a centralised communications system across a dispersed user base. We are able to provide seamless number porting as well as the provision of both UK geographic and international numbers.

N4Cloud infrastructure hosts our carrier grade SIPLink platform which is paired for high availability and can also offer geographic channel resilience. SIPLink is scalable and flexible and designed to scale for businesses from single office to multi-site and call intensive customer contact centres.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility

    Installation often only requires a reconfiguration of your existing telephony and individual new trunks can be added with no need to wait for the lead times associated with a new physical line. SIP trunks can be very quickly scaled to accommodate call capacity and we provide number porting and flexible numbering for location independence.

  • Consolidation

    By combining SIP and connectivity services you reduce the time and money spent on voice solutions. There is no minimum number of trunk lines meaning that you only pay for what you need.

  • Business Continuity

    Our managed services are geographically resilient across the Node4 MPLS network to afford customers the highest resilience. We offer the option to configure calls to automatically re-route to any other location that you specify so that if a site or endpoint becomes unavailable the effect to your business is minimal.

  • Cost

    SIP trunks allows for dramatically reduced call costs by eliminating internal call cost and expensive ISDN lease line management and maintenance. SIP to SIP calls within your telephone network will utilise your network infrastructure leaving your team free to communicate without incurring costs.

  • Support

    Our SIP trunks are deployed and managed exclusively by us, we provide comprehensive support across all our managed services 24/7/365.


“I’d recommend anyone to go and look at Node4′s technology as VoIP has made us significant savings and has opened up all sorts of possibilities for the business”

Sean Booth, Managing Director

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