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National, high speed, uncontended Internet

The Node4 ConnectFAST solution provides high speed, uninterrupted and cost effective Internet connectivity direct to fast growing businesses across the UK. Ideal for companies who rely on the Internet for their critical business, ConnectFAST allows you to ensure the continued, efficient running of your business as an increase in applications drives the need for more bandwidth.

With coverage throughout the UK utilising Ethernet and EFM technology and resiliency options including ADSL, FTTC and dual fibre we can build a solution ideally tailored to your needs, whatever your location.

Features and Benefits

  • High-speed to provide the optimum user experience

    Our Internet connections are maximised for speed, because we peer extensively with tier-1 providers so your traffic will get to its destination via the shortest possible route.

  • Provider resilience

    Resilience against major provider outages with multi-diverse Internet breakout that will automatically re-route your traffic around failures with no impact on your ability to do business.

  • Utilise your own expertise

    Wires only options allow you to manage your connections yourself and only pay for our expert management and support when you need it.

  • Be ready for IPv6

    We are among 8% of Local Internet Registries with a RIPE 4 star IPv6 rating and can offer IPv6 addresses meaning you can dual stack your equipment and avoid the rising costs of IPv4.

  • Responsive support

    Friendly, flexible and responsive support with packages from ad hoc expertise to business hours fault diagnosis to full coverage 24/7/365.

  • Keep your connections performing at their best

    Our flexible managed service packages keep your connections performing well both now and in the future, so if you don’t have the resource or skills you can rely on our expertise.

Interfleet Technology LTD Reliable Hosting

​”With the growing importance of our web based solutions, running these services ‘in-house’ on older equipment meant our bandwidth was being squeezed to such an extent that delivery to our customers was beginning to suffer.”

“It was imperative that we could guarantee uptime with superior connectivity and Node4 promised 99.9%”

Mark Zawisza, Head of Software Solutions

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  • General enquiries: 0845 123 2222
  • Support: 0845 123 2229