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Resilient and flexible fibre MPLS core

Node4 have made significant investment to design, build and operate a robust and flexible MPLS core network infrastructure, providing businesses with a broad range of services. You will use this network if you require internet access from our Data Centres, but it can also be used to connect your sites to the Internet to access hosted services or for the purpose of connecting multiple sites together. For more information contact us today to get a quote or download the Node4 Network Diagram.



The MPLS network is built around six main Points of Presence (POPs) which comprise of:

  • Derby Data Centre
  • Leeds Data Centre
  • Northampton Data Centre
  • Telecity Manchester
  • Global Switch London
  • Telehouse London

From these locations, we can provide Layer-2 and Layer-3 services between the POP’s and out to customer locations using various access methods such as Leased Lines, ADSL and Ethernet. We also interconnect to Internet transit carriers and other technology partners to support additional services.

With 1Gbps and 10Gbps circuits between the POPs, connectivity is diversely routed. This results in a higher resilient network infrastructure which, in the event of a core network failure, can achieve sub-second failover for services delivered over MPLS.

We connect to multiple Tier-1 Internet transit providers at both Telecity Manchester and Global Switch/Telehouse London which provides a high degree of resiliency as we are not reliant on one location or provider. Additionally, we connect to LINX (London Internet Exchange) where we peer directly to many other service providers and large businesses to provide a direct path between our networks.

Our Solutions


Private, scalable, flexible and resilient Class of Service enabled site-to-site MPLS network. Learn more »


National high speed and capacity uncontended Internet connectivity using Ethernet and EFM. Learn more »

Business Broadband

Cost effective, readily available Internet access using FTTC, ADSL2+, ADSL Max and Annex M. Learn more »

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Fibre to the Cabinet Datasheet

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Node4 Network Diagram

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