Episode 2

Steve Nice, Node4’s Chief Security Information Officer, reveals the potentially devastating effects of a data breach, alongside his own predictions on the future of cyber security.


0:00 – 2:48
Steve gives an overview of the risk posed to small businesses by Cyber Hackers.

2:49 – 4:04
The rise of ‘hacktivism’ – politically-fuelled or even state-sponsored cyber crime

4:05 – 7:30
IoT and the importance of being aware of its vulnerabilities

About the host

Steve Nice, Security Chief Technologist at Node4 has 30 years of experience within the IT industry. He started his career as a computer room operator in 1984 before expanding his experience at Boots, MoD, Merill Lynch and other larger organisations. He discovered Open Source software at ForLinux in 2001 which he ran for 14 years before being acquired by Node4.


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