5 Reasons You Should Choose a Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program Provider

Blog Cloud Innovation Partner Wednesday 29th March 2017 • 4 min read
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

Trust plays a significant role when choosing a service provider.

Businesses need to know that not only will they be getting excellent services, but also that their chosen provider will be using the very best industry recognised equipment, with IT professionals trained to be industry experts.

That is the reason that vast numbers of customers are looking for service providers that have achieved the holy grail of certification: a Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) Master Certification.

This is not an easy certification to achieve by any stretch of the imagination.

CMSP accredited providers must meet various Cisco requirements to prove that they have the ability to develop, deliver, manage, and support Cisco-based cloud and managed service solutions.

That means that CMSP accredited providers have gone through various rigorous procedures, including demonstrating IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation processes, practices, and that they have the ability to use the right tools to support Cisco technologies at all lifecycle phases.

Moreover, they must complete an extensive third-party audit, demonstrating their excellence in delivering managed services from the cloud or on premises.

To fully benefit from everything Cisco products and services, you need a provider that has demonstrated to Cisco that they know exactly what they’re doing and have been awarded a CMSP.

The benefits of choosing a CMSP:

1. Reduced downtime

a. Cisco requires CMSPs to have the right systems, tools, and processes in place. CMSPs will monitor your solution 24/7 and fix problems remotely before they impact your business, with automatic backups to quickly restore data, files, and applications. CMSPs will always give you highly detailed reports of your systems performance and monthly usage, including issues and time taken to resolve. They will also take action to make sure those issues don’t occur again.

2. Increased efficiency

a. Because a CMSP actively monitors your network, they can tell you if you need to add or remove capacity, and help you to optimise cost. CMSPs can also boost your employee efficiency by providing the latest in Cisco collaboration solutions.

3. Freeing up business resources

a. CMSPs consist teams highly trained Cisco professionals, giving you round the clock monitoring and support, freeing you to focus on key business objectives.

4. Increase cost control

a. CMSPs can sell you Cisco products and services at lower prices. They will also help you manage costs as you scale up or your business needs evolve.

5. Receive better customer service

a. CMSPs technical experts take care of your solution from planning, to installation, to maintenance and support. There’s always highly qualified staff ready to answer your questions, and to solve issues, should they arise.

Why Node4?

Node4 are committed to delivering world-class cloud infrastructure and services and are proud to be one of a few number of Cisco partners to have invested time and money to become CMSP accredited for our cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery and unified communications solutions.

Node4 is one of just a small number of Cisco HCS providers in the UK, and is making for the first time a compelling enterprise-class UCaaS available for mid-market businesses.

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