Changes to Non Geographic Numbering (NGN)

Thursday 7th May 2015 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

RICHARD BUXTONOfcom have determined that consumers find the current charging structure for these numbers confusing. As such, they have instructed Communications Providers (CPs) to make charges simpler and more transparent. The new system of charging has been agreed and is detailed on the UK Calling website ( Changes will become effective on the 1st July 2015.

The key changes that are being implemented are:

  • The cost to call 084, 087, 09 & 118 numbers will be split into two parts;
    1) an access charge, which will be stipulated by the caller’s telephone provider. The access charge will be a single “pence per minute” rate that is applied to all affected number ranges.
    2) a service charge, which will be promoted by the organisation offering the service (ie. the call recipient). Each affected number range will be allocated a rate by the terminating provider which will be selected from 80 pre-determined rates.
  • Freephone numbers (0800 and 0808) will become free to call from mobiles as well as landlines
  • Wherever the affected numbers are advertised or promoted it will be necessary to display the applicable service charge.

What does this mean to you?

Inbound Calls

If Node4 have allocated you, or you have “ported in”, any affected number ranges (ie. those beginning 08) the cost for callers to call these numbers will change. As such, the rate that you pay Node4 to receive the calls (or in some cases the rebate that Node4 pay you) will also change.

Outbound Calls

If you call any affected number via Node4 you will be charged for the call based on your allocated Outbound Tariff. The rate that you pay will be based on the charge band allocated by the service owner (the terminating network) plus an access charge that will be charged by Node4.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the new charge bands for affected numbers?
Most CPs are still finalising their charging structures for affected numbers and as such the information is not yet available.

We aim to provide a list of the service charge bands for each of our inbound number ranges to our customers by the 31st May 2015. This will allow customers to determine how much their callers will pay to call them after 1st July 2015.
Where can I find my updated rate cards?
Once finalised we will send rate notifications to all registered contacts, as per our usual rate change notification process. Tariffs can be downloaded from the Node4 Portal, or can be supplied by you Node4 Account Manager.

Both inbound (also known as “NTS”) and outbound tariffs will be updated.

We will provide as much notice as possible as we appreciate that these changes could be significant to your business.
Can I decide how much callers will pay to call my numbers?
Unfortunately not. Each allocated prefix (eg. 0844319, 0845413, etc) will be allocated a service charge by Node4 or in some cases our providers.

These charges cannot be broken down into more specific codes/rates. This means that your numbers will inherit the service charge allocated to the entire number block.

I do not agree with the charging structure. Can I refuse these changes?
The changes have been mandated by Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator. This is outside of our control and has to be implemented by Node4.

I no longer wish to use NGN numbers. What can I do?
We would recommend the use of 03 number ranges as an alternative. These are geographically independent (ie. not fixed to a certain exchange area) and are charged in the same was as standard UK geographic calls (01 and 02).

Node4 can supply 03 numbers on request. Please speak to your Node4 Account Manager for more information

Which services are affected?
All customers utilising Node4’s SIPLink, UCaaS or Hosted Telephony platforms will be affected by this change.

Which number ranges are affected?
Inbound calls to numbers beginning with 08 (Note: Node4 do not provide inbound 09/118 services)
Outbound calls to numbers beginning with 08, 09, 118

Who can I discuss this issue with?
Please initially speak to your Node4 Account Manager who will be able to assist, and can arrange for someone from the Unified Comms team to contact you to discuss further if necessary.

Richard Buxton
Head of Unified Communications
Node4 Limited

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