DC3 Update August

Friday 3rd August 2012 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

All the external pipework at DC3 has now been completed. Next week we will be turning on the 2 Airedale chillers and pumping water around the twin circuits to balance the flow rates in the system. Once we are happy with pump speeds etc, we will drain the system and then refill it with a water / glycol mix. After that is done we will be ready to fully commission the cooling system.

The 2 chillers can provide well over twice the amount of cooling we will need in the room under normal conditions. This gives us a high level of redundancy during maintenance (or a fault) and lets us run everything at <50% under normal operating parameters. This means that we use less power and the lifetime of all the components is extended.


Inside, the fire suppression system is nearly complete. The gas bottles (Argon / Nitrogen mix) will arrive next week. After that is done, everything will get a full clinical clean and then we can install the cold aisle containment pods ready for the first customers. Might even get done a couple of days before the 1st Sept deadline!

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