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Wednesday 22nd April 2015 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

AndyColocation solutions give SMEs a secure and resilient hosting environment, which not only saves businesses the cost and complexity of building their own infrastructure, but also gives them peace of mind that their equipment is safe and secure.

However, for too long businesses have been restricted in terms of the colocation solution they can access based on where they are located. This is a big problem for companies in London and the South East in particular as there is a massive cost premium associated with using colocation providers in London and the surrounding areas. Rack space may cost as much as 40-60% more in London compared to providers elsewhere in the country.

So why not use a colo provider outside of London and save your business the money?
The challenge is that until now network connectivity has been a barrier for businesses when looking at colo providers outside of London – in terms of cost, latency and capacity.

IMG_3315_jpgOrganisations need high bandwidth, high speed and low latency connectivity to support colo. Services like Disaster Recovery (DR) and data replication also demand very high capacity connections. The costs of getting this high performance connectivity from Data Centres outside of London have traditionally wiped out any price advantage on rack space compared to London-based providers.

We were not satisfied with this status quo. It’s why we have made a multi-million pound investment in implementing our own, wholly owned, dark fibre and DWDM network between our multiple sites. By building our own dark fibre network based on ADVA DWDM, we have the ability to provide multiple 10Gb Ethernet or 8Gb fibre channel connections between each site.

This major investment is going to deliver better solutions and much higher bandwidths for our customers – wherever they are in the country, including London and the South East.

This is a significant upgrade in network performance for all of our customers, providing high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity between Node4’s Data Centres. But for those customers in the South East there is also now a huge cost benefit that they can take advantage of. We are enabling businesses in London to take advantage of significant rack space cost savings with absolutely no loss of network performance, reduction in bandwidth or increase in latency compared to a London-based provider.

Node4 has capacity available now, and as we have interconnects into all tier 1 telecoms providers, our team of technical experts have the capabilities and flexibility to work with all of your existing infrastructure and equipment to deliver the solution your organisation needs with significant cost savings.


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