Google Court with Hands in the Cookie Jar!

Monday 4th December 2017 • 3 min read
John Williams, Product Manager

Google You Owe Us is the action group currently looking to the UK courts to get reparations from Google for unlawfully harvesting information from 5.4 million UK users of Apple iPhones. The accusation is that Google allegedly placed ad-tracking cookies on Safari users in order to deliver targeted advertising, thereby bypassing the default settings within Safari to block such cookies.

The ex-Which director Richard Lloyd who estimates that UK iPhone users might get several hundred pounds in redress, leads the action group. In response, Google have told him that he must pursue the action in California, a stand which Mr Lloyd described as “…disappointing that they are trying to hide behind procedural and jurisdictional issues rather than being held to account for their actions.”

This large-scale litigation claim underpins the requirements companies need in order to manage distributed data on devices that they do not wholly own. The practice in business, which allows employees and customers to access corporate data on Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), is critical for growth and adoption of systems for companies, but it is also critical that corporate data be “containerised” against leaking out into non-corporate applications and equally, personal data from BYOD isolated from being inadvertently gathered.

Node4’s Mobile Device Management service (N4MDM) is a fully managed service, which can effectively manage, maintain and monitor corporate data on distributed mobile devices. Effectively containerising corporate data and preventing the cut ‘n paste from corporate to personal applications. It also provides secure authorisation and authentication across mobile applications including email. Please contact for more information.

For a limited time only we are offering a Network Penetration Test for only £250 – that’s a huge discount of £750 (RRP £1000).

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