Green factor rises up the agenda for ICT buyers

Wednesday 19th November 2008 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

The Green factor is rising up the agenda for ICT buyers with 64% confirming that reducing their firm’s carbon footprint is a key requirement when purchasing new IT equipment.

A market survey by Extreme Networks and Data Integration also found that only 20% of respondents actively measure IT-related energy spend. “The green issue is important in today’s society, especially for organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint,” comments Extreme Networks’ Regional Director for UK and Ireland, Paul Phillips.

“The fact that 78% of organisations recycle their IT equipment suggests that there is a high level of awareness of the WEEE regulations that were introduced at the beginning of 2007. However, it is essential that businesses measure the amount of electricity required for powering and cooling their IT systems. Currently only a fifth of businesses do this, and it is just important to measure the success of Green IT initiatives rather than going green just for the sake of it.”

Data Integration’s Managing Director, Garath Lauder, added: “The number of customers demanding evidence of our suppliers’ green credentials in RFPs has increased markedly in the past 12 months and we are now more cognisant of the issue of power consumption when designing networks.

“Many customers do already recycle old IT equipment, but it is essential that businesses measure their IT-related energy spend in order to know whether their purchasing decisions are helping to meet their green goals.”

Additional findings from the joint survey undertaken by Extreme Networks’ Platinum Partner, Data Integration included:
• 49% of organisations cited reduced operational costs as the main driver for greening IT operations. Organisations are increasingly looking for network technologies that will reduce energy consumption and empower the business take control of the network through intelligent measures.
• 43% of businesses cited Green IT as important to their organisations
• 78% of participants say they recycle their IT equipment
• 51% of respondents say they are unsure whether their organisations have sustainability goals for Green IT, suggesting that not all organisations are aware of the benefits and return on investment of their Green IT equipment

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