Northampton New Year Update

Tuesday 11th January 2011 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

Hi Everyone

Well, it’s been a cold one in Northampton this winter, but we’re still making good progress on the new Data Centre DC4. It always amazes me how quickly these projects come together towards the end. January will be very very busy, with lots of kit arriving onsite and being installed. This month will see the Generators and Panel Boards onsite, along with the Chillers and CRAC units. We plan to get mains power (4MW) to the building at the start of February and commission the UPS system shortly afterwards.

The internal rooms have all been finished now, so the data hall itself is being kitted out with lights, power busbars, aircon units and, of course a raised access floor. The pic below shows the 1st data hall as it is today.

Data Hall 1

Also onsite this week are the first bits of our power distribution system, with our PDUs for the A and B feeds being installed. The main panel boards will arrive later in the month. The board below is the A feed for Room 1 and Room 2. An identical unit provides the B feed.


Away from the Data Centre, the office space is also taking shape, with our glass frontage  coming a long nicely and space upstairs for seminars and other events

Upstairs Office

Main Office

Building Front

I’ll post an update next week when we should have some nice big blue generators to look at!


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