Northampton Update

Saturday 19th February 2011 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

Hi Everyone It’s been a while since the last update but a lot has happened in the past 6 weeks. At this stage in the project, we are dealing with all sorts of different areas from panel boards to chillers to sofa colours and paintwork!Here’s a summary of the main developments:

The office space is nearly complete. We have a number of meeting rooms being built that can be used by customers, along with a breakout area and a large room upstairs for seminars and conferences

The site now has mains power (4MW). All the panel boards are installed and are in the process of being commissioned. 2 generators are now installed for phase 1.




Most of the work in the Data Hall is complete. The aircon units are installed and the gas fire suppression is nearly complete. Once this is done, we will give the whole room a deep clinical clean.

The exterior of the building is pretty much done. We have some landscaping works starting soon, and we will be installing 30 CCTV cameras inside and out, along with door access systems in the next couple of weeks.


The Aircon Chillers have also been delivered and work has started on the pipework between the chillers and the CRAC units.


I’ll post some more pics when we have cleared the site a bit over the next week or so. We are on the home straight. Thanks for your interest!


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