The Cloud: your business, your future

Wednesday 24th September 2014 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

CloudFirst, of course, you have to find the right area in which to grow and add value to your business. When you work in IT, one such area stands out as a clear winning strategy: cloud computing.

According to the independent technology research company Forrester Research, the global cloud computing market should be worth US$241 billion by 2020. This compares to US$40.7 billion in 2011. This increase reflects a view among companies recently reported by the IT giant, IBM: almost two-thirds of enterprises now regard cloud computing as a vital technology.

Cloud computing services

So, using cloud computing services is a good idea. Using such services offers your business a low-cost alternative to investing in and then managing hardware and software which, let’s face it, is old hat.  Of course there is a concern about where your time will go but this is a simple one to address.  The IT department’s value is supporting the business with the adoption of new technology and turning it into a tangible advantage.  In understanding the business requirements and relating this to the available technology your business will stay ahead of the competition.  Cloud computing offers the flexibility and scalability that is required to be agile enough to trial and then deploy new applications into the business quickly and efficiently.

In evaluating new applications you still face the problem of investment. Even if you find the necessary money, time and resources, you have to calculate the profit-to-cost ratio, and assess the elements of uncertainty and risk attached to your investment in new technology.  Cloud services remove the need for any capital investment and enough variety exists in the market to meet pretty much any requirement so range of choice is very wide.

Your cloud, your way

So how does Node4’s evoCloud help? For starters, it enables you to use the exact cloud services you want without any investment in hardware or programs on your part.  What’s more, Node4 gives you access to its reliable and responsive cloud self service portal and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  You are in control and can deploy what you need when you need it.

Start now

The benefits of this approach are significant.   Primarily, you use Node4’s established and cost-effective UK-based servers.  As a result, you can start using high performance cloud services straight away.

Secure the future of your business

Take advantage of this chance to secure the future of your business by using hosted cloud services.  If interested in attending an informational seminar at The Gherkin this November, where you will receive free breakfast or lunch while learning how the cloud can benefit your business and how to handle the importance of compliancy while using cloud services, please register here.

Contact Node4 today and discover more about the benefits of using evoCloud.

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