The Evolving Threat Landscape: A Write Up.

Monday 23rd May 2016 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

Can you confidently say that you know how to secure your business against the growing spectre of cyber crime?

Daunting isn’t it?

That was the question on which we based our recent cyber-security event, held in London at the Covent Garden Hotel. We hosted the event to help businesses understand that the threat landscape is ever changing and to give them the latest insights, tips, and advice around strengthening cyber security practices.

The event consisted of 5 security experts:

The speakers covered several key topics around cyber security, including:

  • Multiple cyber security threats that you haven’t considered.
  • What are your liabilities?
  • How often should you audit your business?
  • Is current IT security fit for purpose?
  • What to do if your business is attacked.
  • How to prepare for the inevitable.
  • How legitimate is your traffic?
  • How you can manage your environment.

We’ve put together a Storify story, highlighting moments from the event. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for “IT Security: The Evolving Threat Landscape,” an independent report commissioned by Node4, looking in to the problems facing IT Decision Makers.

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