The future of IT infrastructure

Tuesday 17th February 2015 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

IR2015PreviewIn 2015, businesses are more dependent on technology than ever. Our 2015 IT infrastructure report confirms that 70% of SMEs think their business could only survive for less than 24 hours without their IT infrastructure.

We have always believed that IT has to be a business enabler; something that drives innovation, gives companies a competitive advantage and drives business success.

And to really deliver on its promise the IT infrastructure has to be seamless – businesses simply cannot afford standalone, rigid and commoditised point solutions that leave the IT team with the painful task of bringing it all together.

Being able to deliver that seamless infrastructure has been Node4’s focus for the last ten years.

Complete control

It is our mission to serve fast-growing businesses with the most effective and flexible application of technology, leaving them free to focus on what they do best.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we own, design, manage and control the entire infrastructure in our facilities. This allows us to provide the most agile solutions, tailored to the individual needs of our customers with no compromises.

Not only do we have the infrastructure to do this, we also have the in-house technical expertise to advise customers on the right solution for their business

These solutions encompass Cloud, Colocation, Connectivity and Communications. Still today many businesses are forced to buy these services separately, when what they really need is a full end-to-end solution from a single provider who understands the needs of their individual business.

That might mean needing to host vital equipment in a secure and resilient environment or getting a Cloud solution that is truly scalable. Or it might mean getting the right connectivity to seamlessly link infrastructure together, or even having the communications tools that allow fast growing companies to gain real benefits from technology innovation. Whether businesses need one or all of those elements, Node4 aims to be the only IT partner you will ever need.

We truly believe this ‘big picture’ approach to infrastructure is the future of IT. It means not only do you get the exact solution you need right now, but you also have a ready-made upgrade path as your business grows.

We don’t see ourselves as just a Data Centre provider. We see ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers – a partner that can help optimise business performance, and not just an IT infrastructure vendor.

To achieve that we are focused on exceptional customer service as the strong long-term partnerships we build with our customers depend on trust. We are proud of the fact that 97% of our customers say they would recommend us. We wouldn’t want to sell a solution and disappear; we work closely with our customers to ensure they can focus solely on achieving success. This is what we have always stood for and is what has got us here today. So wherever technology takes us in the next ten years, we will always be striving to deliver the best solution we can for your business.

Andrew Gilbert
Managing Director, Node4

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