The top ten challenges hosted services overcome

Thursday 28th August 2014 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

Hosting and infrastructure management

You may worry about losing control when you outsource IT. Rest assured: you remain in the driving seat. Talk to your service provider about the level of management control you want. The provider can arrange exactly what you ask for.


The reliability of a hosting and infrastructure service is certain to be better than a traditional in-house system. The latter suffers from outdated technology and the frequent need for upgrades and fixes. A hosting and infrastructure service uses the latest technology, and takes care of upgrades automatically.

Data security

Data security is an obvious concern for anyone who outsources IT. A hosting and infrastructure service provider can give you full data encryption and other security measures. These include anti-spam, spyware security and anti-virus solutions.


A hosting and infrastructure service can improve data backup and disaster recovery. You can use hybrid cloud solutions to safeguard your data and applications.


Traditional infrastructures often date back a number of years. As a result, integration of new hardware and software can prove difficult. Integration of your applications with a hosting and infrastructure service is far easier. Your provider ensures everything matches your specifications.


Companies using a hosting and infrastructure service see an improvement in IT performance. The service provider filters out the redundant aspects of your previous in-house infrastructure, and gives you a leaner, more efficient system.


With a traditional infrastructure, you may have to wait weeks before you receive the technology to meet your latest business needs. With a hosting and infrastructure service, you can have this technology within a day.


As your business grows, your data increases. With a traditional infrastructure, you have to create space by purchasing new servers or storage hardware. A hosting and infrastructure service can give you the extra storage you need immediately.

Bespoke infrastructure

Traditional infrastructures are static. A hosting and infrastructure service is not a rigid solution. You can adapt it to suit your business. The service provider can build a virtual infrastructure around your requirements.


All IT can be complex. This applies to in-house systems and outsourced solutions. The advantage of outsourcing, however, is the chance you have to reduce complexity by using only the IT you need.

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