Leeds Update

Thursday 23rd April 2009 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

It’s been a little while since we posted any updates on the Leeds Project, but things are progressing well.

The site now has a mains electricity supply and construction of all the internal rooms have been completed. The raised access floor is fitted throughout the first 2 rooms and the service corridors

The images above show some of the switchgear in our plantroom (this controls the power into the building including the UPSs, generators and mains feed). The Purple Gear is for our A feed and the Orange Gear is for the B feed.

Also shown are the raised access floor being laid in one of the smaller data halls and a completed floor.

There is also a picture of our security pod situated in reception. All visitors to the DC will have to go through the security pod to gain access to the data halls. This device prevents tailgating and allows us to track all customer and staff movements in and out of the data centre.

Ongoing tasks in the build now include:

  • Failover testing of mains / generator power
  • Connection of power into the data halls
  • Installation of CCTV and other security measures
  • Installation of FM200 system and VESDA
  • Installation of Comms Fibre

Our first set of racks are being installed on Monday in our Cold Aisle Pods. Click here for more information on Cold Aisle Containment

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