When Cloud Isn’t Just About the Cloud

Monday 2nd June 2014 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

IMG_3406_jpgCloud services are changing every aspect of our life at home and at work.  At home, our music and film collections have migrated off the shelve to the cloud and are now delivered to us via services such as NetFlix and Spotify.  And in the office, more and more data is being stored off site and many services such as telephony and business applications such as CRM systems are now being hosted online.

It is not surprising then, that the Government is trying to encourage the adoption of Cloud Service across the public sector. Happily for Node4, we have just secured a listing for all our products and solution on G-Cloud5.

Adoption and Change  

Noted for its cautionary approach to technology and change in general, and rightly so given the nature of some of the services that they operate, the adoption of cloud is directly related to change across many departments and organsiations. With front line services under more pressure than ever, accountability at an all-time high and the drive for efficiency and flexibility gathering pace, cloud has the ability to enable change and deliver a level of flexibility that will help to improve more than just the IT landscape but also the delivery and management of services to the general public. After all, that’s the purpose of the public sector and there would be little point in adopting technology just for the sake of it.

The Cloud Store

The vehicle for delivering change via cloud to the public sector is The Cloud Store which really simplifies the process. It serves to remove the research phase and ensures that organisations work with suppliers who have relevant experience, good quality services and best value. For many in the risk-averse public sector, this offers assurance and clarity that the services on offer are already validated and approved, therefore can be adopted and implemented to deliver the change needed to deliver better services.

Partnership Models

Further assurance for public sector organisations comes from the fact that suppliers collaborate on The Cloud Store, bringing the best skills and experience together to deliver a single, seamless solution. This also helps to ensure that the solutions deployed will actually make a difference and ensure that cloud isn’t just cloud – it’s a solution that enables change, where change is needed.

Node4 is excited by the opportunity to support the public sector and show organisations that cloud is more than just cloud.

Ian Millward

Head of Sales

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