How to share Node4's IaaS to create a thriving business

Our wholly-owned Cloud infrastructure is delivered from three state-of-the-art Node4 data centres and is based on enterprise-grade Cisco UCS hardware, the leading VMware vSphere hypervisor and enterprise-grade NetApp storage.

It is Cisco CMSP accredited, which means we are recognised by Cisco as having an elite level of expertise for designing and selling our Cloud, Backup and Disaster Recovery infrastructure.

Whilst other providers offer Cloud, we are confident that ours is a superior solution, based on the technology we use and the market leaders we work with. Our Cloud delivers flexibility, agility, and scalability within our environment at an affordable, monthly cost and no capex outlay.

In a nutshell, IaaS gives you the ability to benefit from the investment we have made in building a robust and secure Cloud environment to host your infrastructure, applications, and services.

We are award-winning providers of secure and resilient environments and can also design the perfect connectivity solution for your business to connect to it.

Or, if you prefer to benefit from hosting in our environment but within your own private environment, no problem, we can do that too.


  • We offer CPU, RAM and storage options, and backup with a 30 day retention period is included as standard
  • Opex based pricing, allowing you to deploy your virtual environment and benefit from the latest technologies without making capital investment
  • The ability to expand your pool of resources and provisioning, scaling up and down just when you need to
  • Powerful online Cloud portal for real time visibility of how your environment is performing
  • Choose between multi-tier NetApp storage solutions to meet your data and computing speed demands
  • Our IaaS is delivered from our state-of-the-art UK Data Centres, operating at the highest levels of physical security, with ISO 27001 accreditation
  • Access to industry leading Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

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“Node4 proposed an infrastructure that reduces the management that we have to do. We don’t have to worry about the network and can concentrate on doing what we do best – running and growing the business. As a result, we see Node4 as an invaluable business partner. ”



Andy Scaplehorn – Head of Computer Systems
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