Private Cloud: Assured Performance

The definition of Private Cloud can vary, but within Node4, we take the best features of our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and provide this within a dedicated and managed “wrapper”.

The benefit of Private Cloud is that computing and storage resources are not shared with other customers, allowing assured performance levels.

We can design and build private Clouds using a combination of technologies depending on what’s right for you:

•  Private blades that provide all the dedicated compute resource you need, with the option of adding scalable, Enterprise-grade storage solutions
•  FlexPod, a pre-validated converged infrastructure, built in collaboration with Cisco and NetApp, that provides compute, networking, and storage options as a 3-in-1 solution
•  Hyperflex, a Cisco 3-in-1 compute, networking, and storage solution

Your dedicated Cloud environment will also have access to the our other hosted services such as Security, Backup, DR, etc., which are integral to our Cloud infrastructure.

Our managed services team can work with you to design and implement a solution that is right for your business.


  • Assured levels of performance and isolation
  • Opex based pricing, allowing you to deploy your virtual environment and benefit from the latest technologies without making capital investment
  • Reduce upfront costs by taking advantage of Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA), monthly pricing for operating systems, and core application software
  • Cisco CMSP accredited IaaS, Backup, and DR infrastructure

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“Node4’s excellent work smoothed our transition into the Cloud. The migration took place over the weekend, which meant it did not disrupt our normal activity, and we were surprised how quick and easy the process was. ”



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