Why you really need a contact centre service

This solution is for offices which operate with a large volume of inbound and outbound calls and contact. It merges all of your communications streams and consolidates them under one roof.

It offers you a consistent user experience regardless of which channel of communication you use. Customers can choose any method of contact they wish from emailing to messaging to social media and it gets to straight to you. You never miss customer messages, heightening engagement and increasing profits.


  • Efficient call handling: call traffic is managed and calls are always directed to the correct person or department
  • Resource management: manage your agent resources effectively by equipping them with a slick operating system which allows flawless communication with the customer
  • Unified user experience: work with just one, usable interface to connect using any method of communication
  • Self-monitor: see reports on queues and calls answered in order to monitor performance

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“This solution allows people to interact with us through web chat & later we’ll add in social media. We aim to give our customers the choice of the most convenient channel, but most importantly always to give them the highest possible level of customer service. Zeacom’s new application installed by Node4 will build on the strengths of our existing platform & enable us to offer better service while increasing our staff’s productivity.”

Sean Booth – Managing Director
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