SIP trunking: More communication; less cost

Traditional phone lines are costly. Replacing them with our SIP trunking solution provides businesses with a flexible, robust and cost-effective alternative for voice and video communications.

SIP connects your PBX to the PSTN via your Internet connection, whether that be broadband, Ethernet or private circuits, and into our own highly resilient network, assuring you of excellent call quality.

  1. We have end-to-end visibility and control of our SIP trunking solution as we own the SIP infrastructure, Internet connectivity and resilient network to provide a Carrier Grade service
  2. We understand VoIP protocols and have configured our network specifically around VoIP traffic and can provide QoS as part of the service delivery
  3. We have a commercial relationship with reliable, established upstream carriers to allow for complete interoperability with the world
  4. We offer scalable and secure bandwidth of the network, ideally MPLS connectivity. We have a proven track record in VoIP and SIP services


  • It’s much cheaper than traditional telephone line rental with competitive call tariffs too
  • We even provide free SIP to SIP calls between your sites
  • It is entirely scalable as your business grows - channels can be quickly up or down-scaled or changed for seasonal variances
  • Your existing numbers can be seamlessly ported from any provider
  • New numbers – national, international or non-geographic – can be allocated without DDI rental charges
  • It is super-fast and easy to set up – without the lead times associated with physical lines
  • You only pay for what you need
  • In the event of a disaster your calls can be re-routed to a different location quickly and seamlessly

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“Moving to Node4 SIP trunks has not only enabled us to make considerable cost savings over our old analogue lines, but also provided us with features like caller ID and multiple DDI lines for our staff.

Node4 has enabled us to make cost savings by transferring our systems to a managed circuit. Switching from using mobiles to make calls in the office to an internal system has allowed for cost reductions. “

Kevin Greenway
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