Our colocation services will protect your high-value data in one of our secure and accredited data centres in the UK.

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What is Colocation?

Colocation allows your business to host your server in a third-party environment and share their bandwidth as your own. Moving your on-premises server into a data centre means that you can leave the time and cost of maintaining its environment to your UK colocation provider.

Node4 can help with you with your colocation needs. We offer a secure and resilient hosting environment in which to operate your existing IT investments. As we build, own and manage our data centres, we have the control to create the exact environment you need – taking into account security isolation (including cages), connectivity requirements, space, power and cooling.

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What are the Key Benefits of Colocation UK

On-Premises Private Clouds

There are circumstances where you need an on-premise hosting platform – but custom built solutions from multiple vendors can create significant complexity and management overhead.

One way to streamline your operations is with the the FlexPod solution from Cisco, VMware and NetApp. This provides a highly scalable combination of servers, switches and storage that are pre-certified to work together.  We have significant experience in designing, installing and supporting FlexPod technology in customer premises around the world. And we can replicate your data to shared storage in Node4 data centres to protect you against incidents affecting your sites.

Colocation certifications

“It is refreshing to work with a vendor as trustworthy and transparent as Node4 – if they can do something, they’ll do it and if they can’t they’ll tell us up front. The customer service is excellent, Node4 is flexible with the solutions it provides and as a partner gives us exactly what we need. We have total confidence in the service Node4 provides, which allows us to concentrate on developing our business and helping our customers. It was imperative that we could guarantee uptime with superior connectivity and Node4 promised 99.9%. “

Mike McGrady MD
Blacklight Software

Colocation Services FAQs

What is the difference between colocation and a data centre?

Colocation means that instead of hosting your IT equipment on-premises, you host it offsite in a data centre run by a colocation provider. You might colocate your primary equipment, or a secondary backup as part of your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. A data centre is the purpose-built facility that hosts your IT equipment. Racks within the data centre provide storage, and your colocation provider will manage and monitor the environment to ensure that conditions are at their optimum. Here at Node4, for instance, we build, design and manage our data centres, taking into account security, connectivity, space, power and cooling.

What is the difference between colocation and cloud hosting?

Cloud is a type of colocation, where you move your IT to a third-party data centre and they operate the hardware and software infrastructure for you. Many businesses are moving to cloud for cost-savings and scalability. It’s a great option if you don’t have an existing infrastructure, or you want to replace existing, ageing infrastructure.

If you want full control of your hardware and don’t want to be reliant on a third-party for its operation, colocation is a good alternative. It means moving your own IT equipment into a colocation data centre, and still benefiting from having it in a purpose-built environment.

Why have a UK colocation data centre?

There are several benefits to colocation, when compared with hosting IT on premises. Predictable monthly OPEX costs, and the ability to easy scale up (or down) or move offices without having to move your IT equipment, are a just a few.

Also, with colocation, you can leave building and maintaining the infrastructure to your provider – and instead focus on what you do best. Colocation providers invest millions in their purpose-built data centres, more than most businesses can. This means they provide better security, disaster recovery and resilience. Operating at a larger scale, they often have better green credentials too.

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