Take Advantage of Node4's Advanced Data Centre Connectivity

We have invested millions in our own core network infrastructure to ensure our customers benefit from the UK’s fastest deployment and most attractive pricing for high-speed data connections.

We own and manage our own Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) giving us the ability to provide 10Gbps Ethernet or 8Gbps fibre channel connections directly to our customers with minimal deployment time. The DWDM core network provides high speed, reliable and secure connectivity between our data centres, significantly increasing the bandwidth of our data centre estate.

Also, being one of the first providers to implement a Software Defined Network (SDN) – or virtualised networking – has radically changed the way we build and manage network environments for our customers, making them extremely agile and flexible. By virtualising elements of the network we are able to have complete control of network traffic and traffic shaping and manage it through a centralised console. Our SDN is built using Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI).

We are also able to provide private connectivity into AWS and Azure cloud environments from our data centres.


  • DWDM gives significantly higher speeds and bandwidth – up to 10Gbps
  • Deployment times are greatly reduced as we own our own DWDM core
  • Optimised network costs, speed of deployment and improved network operations with SDN
  • Have complete control of your network traffic through a centralised console
  • Radically more simplified, optimised and speedier than traditional networking
  • Using public cloud resources without using the public internet to connect
  • Private connectivity into AWS, Azure

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“Partnering with Node4 means we do not need to worry about connectivity being unavailable. When providing broadband to a new site there is a four-week period in between sorting out the lease and administration to opening the store. We need to be able to deliver the ASDL lines within one week to ensure the store opens with a broadband connection. Node4 supplies and installs the equipment itself so we have complete control over the speed of this broadband provision.”

Matt Ruehorn – IT Manager
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