Welcome to Node4's Powerful MPLS VPN Solution

Node4’s MPLS VPN solution enables businesses to connect multiple sites across varying locations including homeworkers, onto our high speed, resilient and scalable MPLS core, complete with Quality of Service, guaranteeing prioritisation.

Our long-term and trusted relationships with all the major UK service providers make it easy to build a private any-to-any network solution using a wide range of access circuits and delivering enterprise bandwidth levels.

We also have the ability to provide a private connection from our MPLS into Hyperscaler environments while keeping your data secure in our UK data centre using NPSaaS.

Keep an eye on your network, view statistics and get bespoke email alerts using our online network monitoring tool which gives you a dashboard view to keep network administration simple.

If anything goes wrong, don’t worry.  Friendly and responsive support is available in Gold, Silver or Bronze options with full management and monitoring 24/7/365.


  • It’s our own network so we have total control over designing the configuration that’s right for you and, more importantly, guaranteeing its performance
  • Your MPLS VPN is designed with bandwidth, latency, resilience, and security as key priorities and pro-actively managed end-to-end
  • 5 different levels of Classes of Service as standard
  • Traffic prioritisation for speed and performance converging voice, data, video and applications based on your priorities
  • Managed Cisco and Juniper routers and multiple IP addresses
  • Managed centralised Internet breakout for secure internet access across multiple sites

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Node4 Network

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“Creating an ultra-secure network is vital for us to connect people in different locations in a seamless and efficient manner, and Node4’s MPLS network has delivered exactly what we needed. For us it’s also about having an IT partner we can trust and has an open and flexible approach. We are glad to have found Node4.”

Tom Stone - Technical Director
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