Disaster Recovery as a Service: Protecting your business from disaster

It’s crucial to get the service you need to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

We use the award-winning Zerto technology to provide robust and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions for your business so it can replicate its production applications to our own enterprise grade Cloud platform, safely and securely.

Zerto’s replication solution is built to work in the hypervisor which brings many advantages and we offer a variety of options to suit budget and requirements based on RPOs (recovery point objectives) and RTOs (recovery time objectives).

Our DR solutions are all fully certified by NetApp in accordance with best practise and based on uniform standards for service handling, security and technology. We are one of only two providers in the UK to have this certification.

Our cloud platform is built using Cisco UCS hardware, the market-leading VMware vSphere hypervisor and enterprise grade NetApp storage.


  • Continuous replication of your VMs, any point in time recovery
  • Hypervisor level replication. You don’t have to change your hardware.
  • Replication happens in the Hypervisor so it is storage agnostic
  • You can easily replicate between DC's and business sites
  • VMware vCloud Director is fully integrated
  • You can even protect a vSphere environment and recover from it automatically
  • Fixed price, monthly subscription per user
  • Fully certified by NetApp in accordance with best practise

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“With the growing importance of our web based solutions, running these services ‘in-house’ on older equipment meant our bandwidth was being squeezed to such an extent that delivery to our customers was beginning to suffer.

It was imperative that we could guarantee uptime with superior connectivity & Node4 promised 99.9%. “

Mark Zawisza – Head of Software Solutions
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