Anytime, anywhere, anyhow backup solutions

We can backup any of your data files wherever they may be, allowing us to offer a single point of online backup for your business.

Understanding your requirements is key to us – where is your data, do you require additional business continuity solutions, and do you have any archival compliancy requirements. We then use a blend of tools to replicate that data wherever it is, back it up, and ensure that full restore can be achieved quickly and easily.

Our backup solutions include:

  • Veeam backup for all our Cloud customers
  • Veeam Cloud Connect for any business using Veeam wishing to back up into our Cloud
  • Any business wishing to back up physical devices can use nVault, which uses Ahsay technology

We have undergone a rigorous certification process with NetApp to ensure that all the backup solutions we provide are fully certified in accordance with best practise and based on uniform standards for service handling, security and technology.  We are one of only two providers in the UK to have this certification


  • Monthly opex payments make it affordable to never lose any documents or important client data
  • Single provider for all backup requirements makes it easier to manage, control and restore your data with no gaps in protection
  • High-level security with AES 256 encryption keeps your confidential business information safe
  • Pay-as-you-go payment models ensure you only pay for what you need. These can be capped for ease
  • Solutions for virtual machines and end points such as servers, laptops ensure all files and applications are securely backed up
  • Self-service portal to allow management of storage, retention, retrieval, and budget

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Tested and Certified

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We are one of only two providers in the UK to be certified against best practise by NetApp for all our Backup and DR solutions. Find out how we did it.

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“It is refreshing to work with a vendor as trustworthy and transparent as Node4 – if they can do something, they’ll do it and if they can’t they’ll tell us up front. The customer service is excellent, Node4 is flexible with the solutions it provides and as a partner gives us exactly what we need. We have total confidence in the service Node4 provides, which allows us to concentrate on developing our business and helping our customers.”

Mike McGrady - Managing Director
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