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DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are fast becoming one of the biggest threats on the landscape for many businesses; largely because of their ease of execution. Firewalls and similar solutions will not protect you. This is because DDoS works in two ways:

  • Volumetric DDoS: by flooding your bandwidth with legitimate requests, but at such volume that they crash your server and your website.
  • Application layer DDoS: ‘low and slow’ attacks that require resource-intensive handling with the intention of overloading servers.

Well-known e-commerce businesses have sustained crippling attacks, losing their networks – and e-commerce websites – for days. Attacks can be orchestrated from organised criminals or teenagers using cheaply purchased amateur (but still efficient) applications. These attacks are easily and quickly remedied with our unique multi-layer solutions that protect against both volumetric and application layer attacks.

Our DDoS mitigation solutions are built on Fortinet’s award-winning Fortigate platform, in a multi-tenanted environment and hosted in our data centres, giving access to best-in-class DDoS solutions at an affordable, monthly payment.


  • DDoS is a reactive service which routes affected traffic to a netscrubbing service then forwards cleaned traffic back into the customers network
  • DDoS+ is a proactive service providing heuristic analysis on application requests to protect customers IP addresses
  • Managed and monitored 24hours
  • Minimum Disruption
  • No Good Traffic Dropping

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