End to End IT

What happens when your relationship breaks down with your current IT Service provider?

Here at Node4 we have a proven track record of helping you make the smooth and efficient transition to better IT. Let us show you how with real customer stories….

Complete Managed Solution

A business of 200 staff, across 13 sites faces the struggle of delivering consistent and reliable IT services to staff. Node4 was able to provide a complete, managed IT solution, including the implementation of Inter-site connections via high speed Node4 ConnectMPLS and the addition of Next Generation Firewall, ‘N4 Protect’ for maximum protection against security threats (providing geographic dual resiliency, with dedicated multi-tenant firewalls!) and ‘N4 Backup’ with Veeam including failover connectivity to ensure this resiliency is guaranteed. Node4 was able to provide a reliable IT solution right down to telephony hardware. Why wouldn’t you choose us to help you?

Cloud Colocation Connectivity Collaboration Continuity

Moving to a New Platform

A company with 600 users needed to move off of their current platform…and quickly! Node4 was able to migrate all services with ease and continuity. With the growing necessity for stable and reliable IT, we had to ensure continuity, doing this by installing dual connection lines, routing into different points of the building, connecting out to different exchanges and providing multiple pathways to prevent outage. With a concern as to ease of staff uptake, a soft phone solution was installed to ensure learning a new system was easy for staff, also allowing them to work from any location with uncontended connections and reliability. A reliable solution you can trust, choose Node4.

Cloud Colocation Connectivity Collaboration Continuity

A Solution That Suits You

What to do when you need the right technology platform to support you digital marketing campaigns? Contact Node4. We were able to provide our N4Cloud customer with an AWS solution to facilitate automated digital marketing campaigns, of which traffic and response were hard to predict, meaning the customer was enabled to scale their solution automatically to the campaign response. The solution also needed to be 100% available to be able to handle unknown traffic predictions, along with being fully supported, managed and quickly deployed by Node4. Let Node4 experts advise you on the perfect solution for your business today.

Cloud Colocation Connectivity Collaboration Continuity

A Growing Solution

A large company with nearly 1000 staff needed multiple site connectivity in order to keep them online and selling their services. Combining both ADSL and FTTC connections, this business needed a range of connectivity options to reach each of their various sites. With Node4 connectivity live, the natural addition of SIPLink services came next. The cost effective way to do voice between sites and with customers. The later addition of N4Cloud gave them the option to store their business data securely, whilst being cost effective and responsive to the business needs. With all their IT in one place, the stress of balancing several IT service providers was removed. See how Node4 can do it all for you.

Cloud Colocation Connectivity Collaboration Continuity


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