CDOT Migration Workshop (LONDON)

It's time to move...

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Date: 4th February 2016
Venue: London


CDOT Migration Workshop (LONDON) 

It’s time to move…

If you’re a NetApp user you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time thinking about whether it’s time to migrate to CDOT Technology. Node4 along with NetApp invite you to this training workshop to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible…

Workshop 1:  Applying NetApp CDOT Technology in your business

Adam Dyche Team Leader  – Cloud Platform and Applications Support Team  – Node4  : Adam and his team are responsible for running Node4’s four IaaS Cloud platforms in the UK and supporting the client applications they underpin.  In 2015 Adam was directly involved in the complete nondisruptive upgrade of the underlying NetApp storage on the Node4 cloud. Adam holds the following certifications in Infrastructure technology NCIE 7-mode, NCDA CDOT, Cisco DCUCI. Learn about the capabilities and technology behind NetApp’s latest Operating system and how to apply this to real world IT business needs

  • Nondisruptive Operations – Increase your up-time while lowering TCO
  • Storage Efficiency – Squeeze more value out of every TB of physical storage owned
  • Seamless Scalability – Prepare for those Known Unknowns, be ready to scale out quickly and inexpensively.
  • Things to consider when you are planning your migration…

Workshop 2: Drowning in Data

Alex Nicholson who works in the Emerging Products Group at NetApp tells us about the most up to date real world challenges in data management and analytics and how this might affect you as an IT Manger or Decision maker in the very near future.

  • Managing the Data Paradigm –From the beginning of recorded time to 2003 5Billion gigabytes of data was created. By 2013 the same amount of data was being created every ten minutes…
  • 3rd Platform: Mobile, IoT, Telematics – It’s going to mean a huge amount of data, how do businesses start to store and leverage this?
  • Big Data & Object Based Storage Technology – This is for many of us a complete conceptual change in the world of data storage, learn how this can be employed in your industry and discuss the pros and cons.

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Date: 4th February 2016

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Venue: London

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