GDPR - Securing Your Data

Our Compliance Experts will help you understand what GDPR is trying to achieve within the 99 articles and how these will impact your day to day business. There will be new business processes and increased due diligence around the protection of personal identifiable data.

In this webinar, we will focus on Information Security and how these specific articles relate to data security. We will also show you key security tools to help protect your data. Failing to comply with these articles could impose fines of up to 10m Euros or 2% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

We will explore:

  • New rights of data subjects
  • The uplift in data fraud and theft
  • How to create a baseline of security within a business to protect personal identifiable information?
  • Solutions and services that will enhance your organisation’s protection of data – such as N4Threat Detect, Colocation, DR, N4Protect+ and EndPoint Management
  • Examples of businesses which have been breached and how these organisations could have been prevented with the right security solutions in place

About the host

Vicky Withey is a Compliance Manager and GDPR practitioner, with legal, accounting and commercial experience. At Node4, Vicky leads and implements operational processes to support all divisions across the business. She is responsible for maintaining and growing Node4’s accreditations whilst meeting the organisation’s legal and regulatory requirements.

John has been involved within IT since the Desktop Publishing phenomenon of the 1980s; he began working with early networking technologies such as ArcNet, and understanding how to combat the first boot sector viruses on floppies, before moving into Emerging Technologies.

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