Node4 is HSCN ready. Are you?

Moving from N3 to HSCN probably feels like a hassle you really don’t need on top of your already huge workload. It doesn’t have to be if you pick the correct compliant supplier.

Node4 can assist you with the same seamless transition we deliver to all our clients. We have such a great reputation for design, development and integration of our technology.

You probably know that HSCN is a new data network for NHS and non-NHS health and social care organisations, as well as commercial third parties who provide applications for these providers.

It replaces N3, which is now twelve years old, and cannot meet the needs of the evolving health and social care sector. HSCN allows multiple compliant suppliers to provide connectivity which makes the marketplace far more competitive and offers cost savings. It makes it easier for collaboration and integration and allows for more cyber security and disaster recovery to be put into place.

It can only be obtained from compliant suppliers like Node4. It will enable you to access and share information more reliably, flexibly and efficiently, and make considerable cost savings.

Why choose Node4?

  • Node4 is a great choice for your HSCN as we are built and managed by technology specialists who design, implement and manage mission-critical work like this every day.
  • We have a great Net Promoter Score (grading our customer service) which blows our competitors out of the water.
  • We have a full suite of solutions and are specialists in connectivity, but also a whole of host complementary products, which can be added on to HSCN for extra cost savings and more efficiency. See our broad portfolio.
  • We have our own tier 3 data centres and engineers conveniently located around the UK. We have our own MPLS network and are experienced in deploying solutions seamlessly to our clients. We only work with the best partners, including Cisco and are ISO27001 accredited. We understand how important it is for the healthcare industry to not face any disruption.
  • It’s important to remember that HSCN doesn’t come with adequate security built in. It needs more security if you want to send sensitive patient data, so getting your connectivity from security experts like us is a great move.
  • ‘I’ve worked with the healthcare sector for nearly a decade. I know its workload, challenges and requirements and I chose to work Node4 because they have the solutions, capabilities and approach for the easy, seamless delivery the sector needs.’ Paula Johnson, Head of Public Sales.

We understand and can combat your challenges:

We understand the very specific challenges HSCN providers face when looking to procure this new connectivity and the importance of no downtime and service continuity. We have inhouse experts who specialise in delivering to the public health and private sector and have an excellent NPS score, demonstrating our customer service skills.

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There are a variety of options for starting your HSCN journey. You can get in touch with Node4 and we will guide you through the process; pain and hassle free. The simplest way for private health is to contact us directly. _______________________________________

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You can use the HSCN Quote Form when asking suppliers like us to provide pricing. It’s uncomplicated and follows and easy-to-use format. __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________



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For public health, you can also use the new HSCN dynamic purchasing system (DPS) to obtain HSCN connectivity services conveniently and cost-effectively. Node4 have access to this system as a compliant supplier. The DPS, known as RM3825, is managed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

Good to Know

Node4 are HSCN Compliant!

Node4 are one of a small group of service providers that has been selected as a connectivity supplier for the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN).

Learn about Node4's full end-to-end capability...

Head of Commercial Sales, Shane Dove, talks us through how winning HSCN compliance sits within Node4’s wider solution portfolio.

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Your Journey from First Contact to Completion

HSCN: Your Journey from First Contact to HSCN Completion

Hassle-free, seamless integration
from a supplier you can trust.


Here’s why Node4 is HSCN Ready.

Here’s why Node4 is HSCN Ready.

A bit about us, our HSCN accreditation and our partners.

Press release

Node4 achieves HSCN DPS accreditation

Press release
Node4 achieves HSCN DPS accreditation

A little more information around HSCN DPS and how we achieved it.

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