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At the forefront of technical innovation, we have our fingers on the pulse of what developments in IT affect you and your business. Keep up to speed with game-changing technical innovations, with reassurance that we have the expertise, experience and passion to deliver them with you.

Cloud Transformation / Digital Transformation

The speed at which technology is evolving is unstoppable, whether it’s the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Businesses therefore need to focus on developing their capabilities to harness customer data in an innovative, secure and profitable way, and we can lead your charge in tackling digital transformation. Step one? Cementing your network to ensure your platforms are resilient and perform well.

Public Cloud Adoption

As a service which is continuing at an exponential rate, we see businesses embracing this feature-rich platform to support both Digital Transformation projects and new application development. However, without consideration of the highest levels of automation, cloud native architectures and best practice, businesses could struggle to hit this “Digital Dividend”.

BiModal IT

Where attention needs to be paid in digital transformation is often two-fold. On the one hand, legacy IT systems can hold businesses back, and need managing under a watertight service-level agreement. On the other, companies are seeking to adopt forward-thinking and innovative projects which promise measurable advantage.

This dual requirement is often referred to as ‘BiModal IT’ and as you would expect, we address both. Whether you require a partner to address and handle an existing complex IT estate, or seek to embrace automation and the next generation of IT to turbo charge your operations, we have the flexibility, experience and know-how to help you achieve your strategy.

The Challenge of Technical Debt

If your business is paying the price for historically choosing an overly simplified solution, the impact could be felt in a number of ways. Often, IT departments don’t have the skill-set or time to develop a comprehensive roadmap for change and transformation, so shortcuts are taken. It’s true that businesses have more options to ensure technical currency, but this can complicate things too. Technical debt risks instability, operational setbacks, regulatory infringements and huge costs.

Why not arrange a visit to your local data centre and we can discuss how to transform your technical debt.

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