N4Secure: Security Through Intelligence.

News Tuesday 10th May 2016 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

Node4 today launches N4Secure, a hosted security service that offers organisations immediate, actionable intelligence on compromises, threats and potentially malicious activity to identify and mitigate issues as, or even before, they occur.

Available to Node4 customers and partners on a pay-as-you-go basis, N4Secure incorporates Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) for sophisticated yet cost-effective threat intelligence, with intrusion detection, vulnerability management services, application penetration testing, and external vulnerability testing. Comprehensive reporting and ongoing advice and support from Node4’s expert team of cybersecurity specialists is also provided.

N4Secure has been developed in direct response to the increasing complexity of security management. Emerging attacks like cryptographic ransomware, the proliferation of mobile device access points, and trends such as BYOD, SaaS, and the Cloud are all making network architectures more difficult to secure and driving a need for businesses to take a ‘helicopter view’ of their systems.

The service applies sophisticated threat analysis and reporting (both automated and manual) directly to an organisation’s systems. Rather than remaining unaware of breaches for months, during which time critical data can be compromised, Node4’s real-time analysis ensures issues can be immediately identified and addressed within minutes. Post-attack forensics also provide insight into events once they have been handled.

“Security is becoming exponentially harder to manage as the threat landscape grows ever more complex. Protecting an organisation in today’s expanding threat landscape can be a full-time job for any IT or security professional, but through N4Secure, Node4 can take away this burden with a unified security management service.”

“N4Secure brings together world-leading security products and services into one affordable package, complimented by a level of expertise and technical understanding that is typically extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming to resource externally. And, critically, this comes with the obvious benefits of OpEx vs. CapEx expenditure, significantly lowering both the cost and the barrier to entry.”

Commented Steve Nice, Security Technologist at Node4.

The N4Secure service is available in three levels, Essential, Enhanced and Elite protection, with varying levels of reporting, scanning and consultancy.

To find out more about N4Secure, get in touch, HERE.


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