Node4 accelerates towards environmentally sustainable future

Data Thursday 21st April 2011 •
Billy Law-Bregan, Communications Officer

As the Midlands’ fastest growing technology company headed up by one of the UK’s youngest IT entrepreneurs, Node4 has always felt the weight of responsibility towards promoting best practice and greener business initiatives as part of a wider effort to contribute to an overall greener business landscape in Britain today.

Andrew Gilbert, Managing Director at Node4 took a proactive decision to drive his company into a greener gear by investing in a hybrid, energy efficient company pool car. Gilbert aims to eventually change all company cars into hybrid vehicles over time in an effort to align all aspects of the business with the company principles of social, ethical and environmental responsibility. He hopes that by investing in greener company cars, he will be setting an example to other business leaders wanting to make one small change to their company that will make a big difference.

Gilbert said,

“It is more important now than ever before for companies to ensure they are taking notice of greener ways to improve their business practices. Investing in hybrid vehicles for the company is one small change which will help to demonstrate our commitment to strive to be the greenest company we can possibly be.”

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