Benefit from the immense positives of using hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with their scalability, flexibility and affordability but with none of the negatives which are a common deterrent. Retain control of your important data, storing it securely in our data centres with NetApp while you use hyperscalers as an affordable way to manage bursts of activity or research, testing and development.

Node4 is the only UK provider of NPSaaS in the UK.

This solution is the best of both worlds. To purchase this directly requires significant investment. Node4 has already made the investment so you don’t have to.


  • Data sovereignty: many businesses need to know where their data is, and that it is accessible. It needs to be in the UK. NPSaaS allows you to retain absolute control of data but with the flexibility of using AWS and others. It meets general data protection regulation
  • Eliminate costly and lock-in data migrations. You can avoid potentially expensive costs when trying to get your data back when switching cloud providers
  • It allows you to cheaply and securely test and develop new innovations
  • It allows for bursts of activity best supported by AWS/Azure but with no loss of control of data

Quick and easy multi cloud access

Move your data at any time

Back up data securely and efficiently

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