The Node4 Approach

Enabling business to do business

We are first and foremost technology experts; that’s what makes us different.

We invest in a passion for innovation, technical excellence, the best people on the market, and working with market-leading vendors to fulfil our mission: enabling business to do business.

Being led by technology experts means we like to be challenged, and we challenge ourselves every day to ensure we take you on your IT journey, whatever your needs might be, whatever the future holds.

Technology & Innovation

Above anything else, it is our people and our passion for technology and innovation that makes us unique.

Driving innovation through the best technical expertise.

Our employees are the best in the market. We look for passion, inquisitive minds, a true love of technology and a genuine interest in great service delivery, across every function of our business.

It is this determined culture that has catapulted our growth and firmly positioned us as IT innovation leaders within the UK, partnering with the IT Elite to launch new and exciting solutions targeted at the mid-tier sector.

We are lucky that the business was built and is still owned by leaders who are truly invested in technology and celebrate innovation and collaboration.


First to implement proof of concept for Cisco Hyperflex in EMEA.


First to implement proof of concept for NetApp NPSaaS

First to deliver multi-tenanted DDoS solution with Fortinet

Our Broad Portfolio

Taking customers on their IT journey; whatever it might be.

No two customer solutions are ever the same. We provide strategic input and direction to your IT requirements and are your guiding influence in transitioning your business for the digital generation. Our portfolio gives us the option to think outside of the box and deliver end-to-end solutions aligned with your current and future IT requirements.

From the initial build of our state-of-the-art data centres, we have grown organically to develop and secure a large suite of solutions, each complementing the other. These can be seamlessly developed, deployed and managed by our technical experts to suit your business needs, and we continually look to update our solutions as more revolutionary technologies become available.



Choose from IaaS, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Managed Public Clouds. Multiple Cloud solutions, one award-winning provider.


Join the 1000s of businesses that host their infrastructure and IT solutions with us in our fully owned, award winning, state-of-the-art UK data centres.


Built on dark fibre (DWDM), creating the all-optical network of the future, enjoy enterprise-grade connectivity solutions that won’t let you down.


Node4’s scalable, highly secure, resilient, cloud-based tools allow businesses to stay connected and mobile in today’s fast paced, 24/7 environment.


From the latest NGFW technology and cutting-edge threat intelligence services, to powerful DR and Backup solutions, you’re in safe hands with Node4.

Absolute Control

Owning our own data centres, core network, Cloud infrastructure, and the solutions portfolio that sits across them, gives us 100% control and, therefore, confidence in our delivery.

“As technology leaders, we wanted to ensure that we were working with market leading technology. The best way to achieve that was to build it ourselves.”



Andrew Gilbert, CEO, Node4 Limited

We are unashamedly control freaks.

Everything we do is deployed on our own infrastructure, which we have heavily invested in so that we have 100% control over what we deliver to our customers. This sets us aside from nearly every competitor in the market.

This investment is extremely important because it allows us to be better, more flexible, more agile and innovative, and really demonstrates our commitment to excellence. It also allows us to help our customers benefit from enterprise-grade functionality in a cost-effective way.


We have designed, built and manage:

  • Three state-of-the-art data centres
  • Our resilient MPLS core network
  • Our enterprise-grade Cloud virtualisation, storage and back-up platforms
  • Our high-capacity, quality SIP trunking solution
  • Our multi-site hosted UCaaS platform

Trusted Relationships

We have great relationships with our vendors.

We work hard to achieve and maintain our accreditations with vendors, working collaboratively – and sometimes even exclusively – to push IT boundaries.

We choose vendors with the same core set of values: passion, innovation and excellence. They choose us because of our technical excellence and experience within the industry.

We also work well with businesses outside of our infrastructure, like Amazon Web Services, to allow our customers the very best hybrid solutions to suit their needs with the same superior security.


Exceptional Service as a Standard

We believe Node4 is exceptional in both its technology and delivery, but we are also proud to say that our culture is one of our strongest assets.

ESaaS is at the heart of everything that we do. We hope you’ll notice a difference working with Node4 and can feel our ESaaS culture in the attitude and approach of each and every one of our employees, right through from our administrators, to engineers, to our senior leadership team.

ESaaS is made possible by holding the values that the team hold right to our core – passion, innovation and trust.


We love what we do. We are extremely passionate about technology and its ability to change lives and businesses. We are passionate about being the best in the market and discovering and offering market-leading technologies, which can really make a difference. Passion is something that we look for in every single employee because it means we take responsibility and ownership and have pride in delivering exceptional service.


We don’t fit in a box, nor should our customers. We create an environment where we can freely share ideas and make advances. Constantly working to find new solutions means that we are often the first to discover and offer them. We hold awards and titles for being first to market with new ways of working for new and emerging technologies.


We have a reputation that’s built on trust; this is something that we have earned over time, working with customers and vendors. It’s earned by being honest, reliable, and doing what we say we will do. Wanting to be trusted by our customers is a given, but our trust spans the entire company, from person to person, team to team, and throughout our whole ecosystem.

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