Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes, a combination of solutions is the best option - especially for complex business needs.

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Your cloud, your way

If one cloud solution won’t solve all of your problems, a hybrid solution could help. Using our services gateway we are able to combine any IT infrastructure needs into a hybrid solution that is tailored to fit your specific business requirements.

It's a journey not a destination.

It’s a rare situation where one cloud solution solves all of your problems in a single migration project. When your organisation is reliant on multiple applications, databases and teams of people at various stages of a life cycle makes little sense that they will all fit into the same service or solution right away.

Some of your applications might need to be retained for archive purposes, others will need to be transformed and there will always be some legacy hardware that has some life left in it worth sweating for a year or two.  The world of cloud services is changing rapidly and for some organisations a hybrid strategy is the answer which can be achieved through our services gateway.

Sometimes known as “BiModal” IT, hybrid cloud is a mix of public cloud, data centre hosting, IaaS, private cloud and legacy on-premise infrastructure which can evolve with your business as it upgrades and migrates business application services.


  • Leverage multiple services for best fit
  • Control costs and drive efficiency
  • Blend services by presenting one service to another
  • Accelerate key transformation while also protecting
  • Sweat legacy assets while integrating with new cloud services


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Hybrid Cloud: The Drivers and Benefits

Most businesses today are operating on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud models, but let’s take a moment to ask the question ‘why?’. What are the drivers and benefits of hybrid cloud, and is it a model that you should continue investing in?

To truly understand it, you have to understand the world we’re now living in. Head of Sales Enablement Steve Denby talks through the context, as well as highlighting hybrid cloud benefits.

Our Services Gateway

Find out more about how we can fit solutions where they are needed the most, with cost savings and a boost to your business’s efficiency through our Services Gateway.

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