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The highest levels of security with dedicated infrastructure and storage, protected and safe with Node4's private cloud.

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Let your business benefit from private cloud

Let us design, host and manage your private cloud hosting. By re-purposing your hardware and using our infrastructure and cloud expertise, we can host your applications on a dedicated private cloud solution to save you time and money.

Dedicated compute and storage without the overheads

Leveraging the wealth of expertise and experience we have achieved with building and scaling the N4Cloud environment, you can host your applications and data on a dedicated pool of resource that follows all of the design features and efficiencies that our shared cloud platform offers.

Let us design, host and manage your private cloud hosting for you to save you time and money by removing the need for hardware evaluation, compatibility, testing, deployment and on-going support.  By following our validated designs and processes we can deploy your new environment faster and help you scale on-demand supporting your growth.

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Benefits to your Business

  • Certified and validated design
  • Optionally delivered in a dedicated rack
  • Fully managed dedicated resource
  • Opex pricing
  • Hybrid solution compatible with N4cloud shared resource and public cloud
  • Ensure your business is industry compliant in areas such as PCI and HIPPA on your dedicated hardware.

► The Data Centre Landscape

CEO of Node4, Andrew Gilbert, offers a glimpse into the Data Centre Landscape: the challenges faced and predictions for the future; as well as discussing hybrid cloud and IoT.

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