Keep collaboration open and effective by embracing a DevOps culture with the help of Node4.

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The growth of DevOps

DevOps is becoming a widely heard term within IT and in general, it’s all about how projects now require a greater degree of application centric focus to allow for more efficient project delivery. If your business is facing this challenge, Node4 can help through our application modernisation and automation services.

Driving Change

We’ve seen a growing trend for IT teams starting to embrace a DevOps culture to build a tight integration between development and operations teams.

Whilst there isn’t necessarily a defined DevOps product or solution that a business can buy, there are tools and techniques that can be deployed to help improve communication and collaboration to increase IT project effectiveness. If your business is taking this leap, our DevOps consultants can add real value to drive the required transformation strategy for your projects.

Modernise with our DevOps services

It’s fair to say that IT teams have traditionally been siloed in many businesses, which leads to challenges in project delivery, timescales and cost management.

We’re sure you’ll have noticed fundamental differences between how both sides operate in your business, and the challenge is compounded by the need to become faster, more responsive, and more digitally accountable. It is difficult and at times a sensitive scenario, that can benefit from a little support.

Future proofing your cloud strategy

We help customers to move to a DevOps aligned model. Our consultants are experts in the delivery of heavily automated solutions to ultimately provide self-healing architectures and to containerise applications. Through our all-encompassing skill sets, we help our customers achieve an optimal cloud strategy by managing complex migrations and delivering architectures across hybrid cloud platforms.

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