Managed Public Cloud

We're experts in managing workloads on multiple cloud platforms. We're able to deliver the right platform for your business whether it's private, public or a hybrid solution.

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Flexibility and Control

Public cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS provide enormous scope for flexibility and scaling as system requirements change. Our certified partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon ensure we’re able to help your business manage the performance and costs of running complex application environments across multiple cloud platforms.

A cloud partnership for a fully managed service

We recognise that different applications need different platforms for optimal performance hence our consultancy and operational support teams include accredited experts across Azure and AWS.

Whether you need a services partner to help with just the initial architecture and migration work or a fully managed 24/7 SLA to keep the platform optimised, our experts are available to ensure you exploit the full value of your cloud platform.

If you’re unsure how to start your cloud transformation journey, don’t worry we can help.

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Our Migration & Support Services

  • Cloud strategy workshops
  • Architecture and infrastructure build services
  • Migration of critical data
  • Automating and modernisation
  • Billing and cost management
  • Data operations management
  • Security operations management
  • Network and interconnect management


Managing your cloud journey

Our customers are all at different stages on their cloud journey and the reality is that many legacy applications are just not suited for the public cloud. We can help your business define which systems can and should be migrated to the public cloud along with an appropriate operational support model.

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How Microsoft & Node4 partner to help businesses achieve Digital Transformation

Azure Specialist and Cloud Advocate, April Edwards, from Microsoft sits down with Node4’s Andy Slater to talk about how their partnership enables businesses to leverage Hybrid Cloud models to achieve their business transformation goals.

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