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Protecting your business's most important assets

Data is increasingly recognised as one of the most important assets of a business, how the business then uses this data will have a direct impact on its ability to compete in the market. As such, it’s vital that the databases which are underpinning the business-critical applications are kept highly tuned and are available at all times.

Keeping performance at 100%

Business-critical databases need to be available on a 24/7 basis and any performance issues need to be addressed immediately. Having a team of internal DBAs to manage this can be costly although through our DBA team, you have access to expertise when you need it. Whether a one-off health-check and performance review is needed, through to a full 24/7 Managed Service, we’re on hand help manage your database projects.

Our 24/7 DBA team

We have a dedicated team of DBAs who deliver Managed Database Services around-the-clock. No matter what size of business you have, or whether your database is SQL or Oracle, or even where your database is – on-premise, in a third party managed data centre or on a public cloud platform such as AWS or Azure – we’ve got you covered.

Suited to your business needs

Every business is different, with unique requirements. Some customers use us for a true 24 hour managed service where we take full operational responsibility for the databases, others use us for third line escalation to help support an internal team. Our DBA services are designed to fit around your SLA requirements, with the ability to ramp up or cool down services to accommodate project demands and seasonal changes.

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