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Teamwork relies on effective and seamless collaboration. Our collaboration experts, N4Engage, can enable your teams to flourish and make things happen.

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The Collaboration Experts

Our collaboration experiences provide you with the tools you need to work together, whether that’s in the workplace, with your customers or to facilitate meetings – from and to anywhere in the world. Meet our collaboration experts, N4Engage.

Whatever communication challenge customers are facing, N4Engage has the expertise to help solve it– whether it’s around customer contact, team collaboration and mobility, workplace transformation or security and compliance. Our solutions enable businesses to communicate securely, increase productivity and adapt to the changing demands of their workforce and customers.

Our certified HCS platform deliveres robust collaboration services

End-to-end visibility and control of our SIP trunking solution as we own the SIP infrastructure

Workplace, Customer & Meeting Experiences for granular collaboration solutions

Call Recording and Analytics across the enterprise

“Moving to Node4 SIP trunks has not only enabled us to make considerable cost savings over our old analogue lines, but also provided us with features like caller ID and multiple DDI lines for our staff.

Kevin Greenway
CTO, 10ZiG

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