Direct Internet Access

However big your business is, we can get you online and on track, without disruption.

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Business grade internet solutions

Whatever the size of your business, we offer a broad range of solutions which are scalable, dependable and resilient. Whether it’s fast, uncontended connectivity for your business-critical processes, or cost-effective connectivity for backup, we can help keep your business on track. Keeping your connectivity safe is a huge priority for us too, so choose from our range of security services to keep external risk at bay.

Direct Internet Access

Business broadband can be provided through our ConnectFAST solution and is available as both broadband and Ethernet options for businesses that require high speed, cost-effective connections with dedicated UK support, 24/7.

ConnectFAST is delivered over our outstanding MPLS network core so you can benefit from a robust and secure broadband solution supporting your key business operations. It’s quick to install and you’ll have access to an incredible amount of bandwidth, whenever and wherever you need it the most.

If you’re looking for IP VPN connectivity we can do that too. See here for more information.

Business broadband that's built for speed

  • Our internet connections are maximised for speed. We only peer with tier 1 providers ensuring the fastest route for your traffic
  • We re-route your traffic around major provider outages so there’s no break in business
  • We are among the 8% with a RIPE 4 star IPv6 rating who can dual stack your equipment to avoid rising costs of IPv4
  • Friendly support and monitoring 24/7/365
  • We work with several connectivity suppliers for resilience and depth of product portfolio
  • Geographically diverse interconnects to keep you ‘always on’

Connectivity Services Data Sheet

Find out how connecting into our network allows you to react to changing business requirements, and access our full product suite.

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