Secure SD-Homeworker

How Node4 can help you move your homeworkers into a secure, flexible, and reliable environment.

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Businesses need to be flexible, not only in the commercial environment but in how they support their employees transitioning from being office based to working from home. Ensuring they have a fast, reliable, and secure access method from home is crucial to offering an in-office experience, maintaining quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction regardless of location.

Node4 can provide a range of options, allowing a secure environment for your homeworker, protecting them and your wider network. Our flexible connection and hardware bundles enable remote workers with a package aligned to the business’ demands. The Node4 Secure SD-Homeworker service offers a reliable service incorporating best in class hardware, the Node4 business grade network and backed by our UK based support teams offering 24×7 service.

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Our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides your homeworker full security screening via a range of security services such as Anti-Virus (AV), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Application Control, Web Filtering and Secure DNS Filtering. A centralised management service organises a single set of security policies and device compliance across the homeworker estate.

Our bespoke packages and flexible contracts allow you operate and manage an estate of connectivity and hardware for your home workers. From xDSL to FTTP to Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, it’s possible to build a package suitable for the individual’s environment and business needs. Node4’s rapid deployment service onboards new users quickly and efficiently for all sizes of business.

Our business grade Broadband services running over our business class DWDM resilient network offer a reliable and SLA backed service supported by our UK based 247 support team. Online or telephone support direct access to our team of experts ensuring consistent service and support for all Secure SD-Homeworkers.

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