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Hosting, and more importantly, securing your business's vital operations, data, information and activity in the cloud has never been easier. Here's how we can help.

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Node4 Security-as-a-Service – SECaaS

Proactive monitoring of networks, systems and applications - 24/7 - by our Security Operations Centre (SOC). Have peace of mind your mission-critical data is safe with us.


Whatever the platform, we can help support and protect your business from cyber threats.

Security Professional Services

Testing and analysis solutions, scaled up and down to suit your business needs.

Network Security

Ensure your business’s vital assets are kept safe and secure with our best of breed network security solutions.

Our SIEM service is managed 24/7 by security professionals

Managed Next Generation Firewalls at Opex pricing

Managed mobile and remote endpoints for enhanced security

Hybrid cloud security platform across Node4, AWS & Azure

The solution provided by Node4 means we no longer need to worry about hardware faults and can address more pressing issues to help move the business forward. For example, we have recently invested in further document storage facilities. The Replicated Disaster Recovery Service means that we have a completely resilient system. In the event of a disaster, we can be up and running again within an hour – without doing any of the ongoing maintenance or running updates in the meantime.

Ian Hallett
Strategic IT Manager, Breyer Group

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