Firewall Configuration Audit

Having a Firewall isn’t enough – if it’s misconfigured and vulnerable.

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Discover flaws in firewall configuration and benchmark against unauthorised changes

Adhering to and keeping up with firewall rules and configuration is a complicated business. To put you at ease, our security specialists perform full auditing of your firewalls to discover any misconfiguration of ports and rules, so your edge protection is your best protection. Our report can also be a benchmark of configuration against which to measure future change requests and ensure the integrity of your primary border security.

Firewall audits as part of compliancy

Compliance forms part of many businesses’ due diligence, and ensuring border security is up to the task is an important part of this to get right. At Node4, our Firewall Audit can form part of your compliance strategy by benchmarking your firewall and ensuring its management conforms to compliancy rules.

Auditing without impacting your firewall

Rest assured our audits do not produce network traffic and have no impact upon existing firewall usage. Instead, our audit will examine configuration files and produces a risk analysis of the devices – without impacting your firewall. Assessing all aspects of configuration from VLANs, VPN, account logging, through to software vulnerability analysis and password strength assessment, ours is a comprehensive auditing tool without any detrimental impact.

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