NextGen Firewall

Bolster your first line of protection with the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

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Dual high-availability paired NGFW protecting your hosted applications and systems

Node4’s N4Protect is a managed firewall service utilising the latest Next Generation firewall technology. With HA configuration in separate geographic locations, we can provide you with optimum edge protection with application-aware deep packet inspection that only a NGFW with us can provide.

Add Unified Threat Management for complete border protection

With features such as content filtering, email management and data leak prevention, our N4Protect+ service delivers complete border protection against inbound threats and ensures outbound web access is safe and monitored. Plus, Intrusion Protection and Intruder Detection form an integral part of this first class managed service.

Key benefits to your business

  • Managed firewall for your current infrastructure.
  • Latest NGFW technology in HA configuration at OpEx monthly cost.
  • Single pane of glass reporting on Unified Threat platform.

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