N4 Threat Detect for Microsoft 365

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your assets with full visibility of potential threats to your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Stay on top of your Microsoft 365 security

As the threat landscape and threat actors redefine themselves, the traditional Security Operations Centre (SOC) that only monitors an organisation’s network no longer provides adequate protection.

In recent years, one of the largest and most significant targets for cyber-attacks is the Microsoft 365 suite. Services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint and Teams are frequently compromised, and this presents a serious problem for many organisations. Node4’s Threat Detect for Microsoft 365 service provides real-time and actionable intelligence, to offer better protection from the latest threats and help you keep your data secure.

Key benefits to your business:

  • Continuous monitoring – analysis of user behaviour and administrative operations in real-time as well as pattern and anomaly detection.
  • Real-time alerting – swift identification and remediation of potential intrusions and malicious activity, by experienced security analysts as well as post-incident analysis.
  • Clear and simple reporting – providing situational awareness and actionable recommendations around security posture, incidents, and trends in adversary behaviour.

Our work

“Security threats are constantly evolving and adapting and here at AdviseInc, we’re always thinking about how we can stay several steps ahead of them. Node4’s solution ensures that, as the cyber security landscape evolves, we’ll continue to provide services that are secure, compliant and always available to our customers”. Mat Oram, Managing Director, AdviseInc

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Our approach

N4 Threat Detect for Microsoft 365 is a fully managed SIEM service focused exclusively on Microsoft’s Azure AD and MS365 services. As the size and complexity of your IT environment grows, so does your need for a mature IT security programme.

Our experienced SOC analysts and engineers combine real-time data from your environment with the latest threat intelligence and an understanding of your business, people, and processes to get a holistic overview into the risks that you are facing and provide truly actionable insights for your business. Our tailored solution for Microsoft 365 includes:

  • 1. Real-time monitoring – continuous analysis of user behavior and administrative operations to identify suspicious events as well as pattern and anomaly detection.
  • 2. Detailed analysis – experienced SOC analysts will triage and investigate potential intrusions and malicious activity promptly, applying context from your business and real-world threat intelligence to identify threats.
  • 3. Actionable alerting – by distilling large and complex data into concise actionable alerts with recommendations, we make cyber-security accessible to companies without dedicated security teams.
  • 4. Response to confirmed incidents - by coordinating resources and directing use of timely and appropriate counter measures as well as post-incident analysis.

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